What is the Foundation to Your Life?

Hi amazing person! I hope you are having an amazing day. You are so worthy. You are so loved. Earlier I was thinking how can we truly get through this life and be okay? It is easy for life to be okay when we just […]

Quiet Time with God

What does your quiet time with God look like? Do you want to improve your quiet time with God? Do you even need quiet time with God if you already have a church you go to? Quiet time with God is so important. Through having […]

God Revealing Himself in Dreams

Hi amazing child of God!! I have a story where God revealed His truth in my dreams. I want to share this to remind you that He hears you. If you pray and seek  Him genuinely with all your heart HE WILL DIRECT YOU.   […]

Idolizing Is Unhealthy

I hope you are having a BLESSED day!!! Today I want to touch on the topic of idols. an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. We only have one God. Our God. The God that gave us life and […]

Not Knowing the WHY

I hope you are having an amazing day wonderful child of God! We can all relate on some level that not knowing THE WHY behind some things that happen in our lives can be confusing. It can wear us down. I am writing this as […]

Fearless Through God

Hi amazing person! As the imperfect humans we are, we often find ourselves filled with fear. We may find ourselves afraid at times. With God all of that is healed. We need to let God take over our fear. There is NO reason to fear […]

He Remains

My thoughts are fleeting. People are fleeting. Things are fleeting. Moments are fleeting. But you God are never fleeting. You are the only thing that will ever remain.

A Reminder

You are worthy of this life. You are loved by God forever. You were put here on Earth for a reason. You are capable of whatever God puts upon you. You are a beautiful being. You are full of strength. You are love. You are […]

Prioritizing what MATTERS

Hi amazing person! I am so glad you are here today. Lets get right into it. The priorities that the world encompasses versus the priorities we should actually have are IMPORTANT to separate, so we do not get led astray. Our world prioritizes how many […]


Anxiety is from the devil. The more often we take anxious thoughts into our mind, the more lies that will be planted and bloom. This is what the devil wants NOT what God wants. This is why it is important to fill ourselves with THE […]

Things Out of Your Control

Hi amazing person. There are things in this life we can control and thing we have absolutely no control over. It is vital for you to make peace with what you can control versus what you can not. YOU CAN NOT CONTROL -other’s words -other’s […]