Showing God to Non-Believers

Do you have a close friend, family member, or even just an acquaintance who does not believe, but all you want to do is show them who God is?

How do we spread God’s love to others without forcing anything upon them?

The closest way of showing God to non-believers is through who we ARE.

By showing non-believers your light, they will see God working through you. The little things they notice about you such as: your passion for Christ, your friendliness, laughter + smiles, your thoughtfulness to every being, and other traits, will be drawn back to Christ. People want to have those traits. They want to be happy and full of life all the time. Christ gives us that everyday.

By just being yourself, we are able to bring the light of God to the world. Through this, it can be seen to non-believers. It shows them that our amazing God makes us the best versions of ourselves and He does make our lives the fullest it can be.

People take note of the little things whether they verbalize it or not.

Spread the light you have from God to non-believers and you never know what could come out of just being yourself.