God’s Helping Hands

I have an amazing story to share in this post today!

The other night I prayed to God telling Him I felt like we weren’t as close and I was growing distant from Him.

The next day, my family had a woman come visit our house about our roof and for some reason, she felt compelled to tell her story. She was married for 30 years & got in a messy divorce after her husband cheated on her with her married best friend. WOW. She then lost her 3 sons after losing in the court. She was not allowed to talk to them for a WHOLE YEAR. She became homeless and living off food stamps and others money, but still ended up going to church and donating some of the little amount she had.

She PRAYED AND PRAYED. A year later, she was able to talk to her kids again. Months later out of God’s grace, she got a job in the roofing business. She said even when she had no money in her account somehow the Lord provided to get her through the month. Now today she runs her own roofing business! Even more astonishing, she got hired after all her struggles, on the date she found out her husband cheated on her with her best friend & THEN she started her company years later on her and her ex- husband’s wedding anniversary!

Life came full circle. No matter how low her life dropped, she got lifted up in ways she could not even imagine due to her faithfulness to God.

She had a glow that was filled with the joy of our God. You would never have known the lows she had been through based upon the happiness she radiated.

Also, God answered my prayer and completely placed this instance the other day to bring me closer to Him like I asked!

I hope this story shows you the epitome of our God and that He will provide, He will break what breaks you and lift you up to places you can not even imagine by just having faith in His plans.

God is good.