Healthy Summer Habits

Self Improvement

I always love the start of a new season. I look at it as a way to start new goals and habits.

I want to share a couple habits I have picked up this summer that have me feeling  MY BEST!

☆Drink a sufficient amount of water according to your weight☆

Whenever you feel lethargic or dehydrated it is so important to drink your water. These feelings can be avoided in the first place if you make drinking ENOUGH water a priority.

Try taking your water with you on your drive, drink a glass with every meal, and even when you think you do not need water I PROMISE you do! Especially in summer if you live in the heat.

Check out this link to see how many ounces of water you need:

☆Incorporate fruit into your breakfast and in your snacks☆

Fruit such as watermelon, blueberries, dragon fruit, strawberries, oranges etc; all have high water content! This is great for summer and is the perfect food for a FRESH pick me up. When you wake up in the morning it is important to start your day hydrated so I love incorporating fruit AS my breakfast or ADD it into my breakfast.

Starting your day hydrated will make you feel ready to conquer your day. Instead of snacking on chips or bars try incorporating fresh fruit for extra hydration throughout the day.

☆Take advantage of the heat by sweating ☆

I know it sounds crazy, but sweating gets rid of the toxins in your skin! If you incorporate a walk or run outdoors not only will you be sweating out toxins, but you will be getting your workout in at the same time. Sweating while exercising means you are burning those calories AND getting rid of toxins in your skin.

Enjoy your summer and create new healthy habits at the same time!