Simple Bible Hacks


Conquering how to read the Bible can completely transform your relationship with God.♡ Here are some hacks to make the most out of every word in the Bible:

  1. To really process what you are reading a great hack is summarizing each paragraph/page with a sticky note. On the sticky note put the main point of what was said.
  2.  Say a prayer to God or speak to God about the message you read. Ask Him for guidance or speak to Him about how you want to apply it in your life.
  3. Do research about others views on a specific part of the Bible you are reading. It is great to hear others views and what they got out of a certain verse to feel inspired about the Bible or to ease your understanding.
  4. Go some place where you feel closer to God. (outside, at your church, in your bed alone…)
  5. Highlight verses that stick out to you. (so you can come back to them!)
  6. Really digest what you just read and try to apply it to your life and yourself.

Happy reading!