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Not Knowing the WHY

I hope you are having an amazing day wonderful child of God! We can all relate on some level that not knowing THE WHY behind some things that happen in our lives can be confusing. It can wear us down. I am writing this as […]

Fearless Through God

Hi amazing person! As the imperfect humans we are, we often find ourselves filled with fear. We may find ourselves afraid at times. With God all of that is healed. We need to let God take over our fear. There is NO reason to fear […]

He Remains

My thoughts are fleeting. People are fleeting. Things are fleeting. Moments are fleeting. But you God are never fleeting. You are the only thing that will ever remain.

A Reminder

You are worthy of this life. You are loved by God forever. You were put here on Earth for a reason. You are capable of whatever God puts upon you. You are a beautiful being. You are full of strength. You are love. You are […]


Anxiety is from the devil. The more often we take anxious thoughts into our mind, the more lies that will be planted and bloom. This is what the devil wants NOT what God wants. This is why it is important to fill ourselves with THE […]

You Are Loved Forever

I was just thinking about something so insane it took me a while to process it: I know I am loved by God, BUT I am loved by Him FOREVER. But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved […]

How to NOT Let Fear Win

Fear HE IS a liar. This sentence contains the biggest truth that can be applied to each of us amazing humans. Fear can literally stop you from reaching your full potential, achieving goals, and cultivating relationships with others. This is why fear needs to be […]

Simple Ways to Stay Close to God

Hi amazing person!☆ I think it is so important to realize that we not only need to stay close to God when we are praying to Him before we go to bed or on our way to work in the morning, but we constantly need […]

God’s Helping Hands

I have an amazing story to share in this post today! The other night I prayed to God telling Him I felt like we weren’t as close and I was growing distant from Him. The next day, my family had a woman come visit our […]

Showing God to Non-Believers

Do you have a close friend, family member, or even just an acquaintance who does not believe, but all you want to do is show them who God is? How do we spread God’s love to others without forcing anything upon them? The closest way […]

Does God Hear Your Prayers?

  Have you been praying and praying, but not seeing anything be answered? It can make you doubt prayer and want to give up on He who loves every part of us. Let me be the one to say do not give up. Do not […]

De-clutter Your Mind

  Thoughts are constantly racing through your mind. Each filling up a space within you with worry, fears, doubt, judgement, and negativity. So what are the point of these pointless thoughts that only do more harm than good? This unnecessary clutter of our mind risks […]